Pascal Gallois new recording is dedicated to works by Luciano Berio (Requies) and Gerard Grisey (Talea). This is the second CD made with Prague Modern. Conducting is now part of his musical life, however he doesn’t put aside the bassoon, the Concerto for basson dedicated to him by Daï Fujikura is here to remind us how beautiful is his playing.


About Requies by Luciano Berio

“I was fortunate to have spent numerous musical moments with Luciano Berio. During our meetings for the composition and creation of the Sequenza XII per Fagotto Solo, we often discussed his orchestral pieces ever present on his work table. Indeed, composers very often work in parallel on solo and ensemble pieces.

One reason why I was drawn to conducting orchestras was the opportunity to exchange with instrumentalists on the interpretation of composers dear to me.

Berio often told me that he did not want any exaggerated vibrato for the wind instruments (as that of the traditional bassoon solos of the 19th-century romantic and operatic repertoire). I think that the traditional Czech or Central European phrasing - Dvorak naturally comes to mind - wells suits that necessary for performing Requies, and that is how I conducted the Prague Modern soloists. This work is marked by its melancholy, as well as a sort of resignation. In any case, no exaggerated weeping… As a performer, I think a certain proximity exists between this piece and the poetic style of the phrasing necessary for Mémoriale by Boulez. A precise staccato, precise articulation, is essential for this piece.”

Pascal Gallois

Photography : © Philippe Gontier


LUCIANO BERIO : sample : Requies

GERARD GRISEY : sample : Talea

DAI FUJIKURA : sample : Concerto


© Philippe Gontier